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Pinellas Med Clinic

Permanent solutions for weight loss using Semaglutide, and Med Spa for targeted fat loss and skin tightening that fit your lifestyle.
Supportive, non-judgmental clinic with staff on our own weight loss journey to best help guide you on your journey. 

We have two sides to our clinic,​

The Med Clinic where wellness begins with weight loss. 

The Med Spa for body contouring and confidence boost.

Our Services

About the Founder

Before opening the clinic Kristina was 222.8 lbs at 5'3" and nothing was working to lose weight. Combining the passion to help others and her personal wellness journey the clinic was founded. Now we have a way to share our personal success and use it to help others on their own wellness journey.

At the initial appointment, Kristina will share with each new patient tips and techniques that have worked to generate weight loss success while feeling well the entire time. We share from the collective knowledge and ideas from the whole clinic and staff. Perfect way to collaborate and all have our best success by supporting each other! 


Kristina & Moose

Nov 1, 2022

Scrub Size 2X


Kristina & Moose

Feb 14, 2024

Scrub Size Small

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