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Med Spa Services

Laser Lipo for targeted fat loss & skin tightening

Using Red Light Therapy without harming skin or causing discomfort, emulsifies fat so it can be excreted from the body via the lymphatic system. Revs your metabolism for about 4 hours which burns between 1500 and 1800 calories and results in lost inches on treated areas. FDA Approved. Generates an anti-inflammatory response in the body. 

Can be used up to 3 times per week or as part of a package with combined methods and treatment protocols for advanced level results. 

Targeted fat loss for areas resistant to diet & exercise. Lose inches by placing the 12 paddles where you want on the body from the neck down. 

Smoothing Cellulite - smooths the appearance of cellulite when Laser Lipo is followed by application of peptide oil and a soft lymphatic drainage massage and whole body vibration. 

Skin Tightening -  Stimulates collagen to be formed which tightens skin to provide a firmer more youthful appearance. 

Stretch mark fading - Help to lessen the appearance of stretch marks with newly formed collagen


Body Contouring - Choose which areas to contour with placement of the paddles to shape and enhance your body. Fine tune the areas where change is desired. Helps to create symmetry. 


Ultrasound for targeted fat loss​

Method using ultrasound technology to comfortably reduce fat cells in treated areas. Non-surgical, non-invasive, no pain, no down time. Ultrasound technology is used to break down fat cells below the skin by disrupting the cell walls. Ultrasound applies pressure on fat cells using ultrasonic vibrations without damaging the skin. Fat in the fat cells emulsify or liquify to be excreted from your body in urine and sweat. Emulsified fat is moved to the lymphatic system using lymphatic drainage massage and peptide oils. 

Can be used up to twice a week per treatment area and maximize results when combined with Laser Lipo and Radio Frequency in our packages. 


Radio Frequency for skin tightening

Technology using radio frequency generates heat in the skin which causes a healing reaction that results in the body forming collagen and elastin to tighten the skin. Non-invasive, not painful, and the results do continue to develop for weeks after the treatment protocol series has finished. 

Can be used once weekly. Best when combined with Ultrasound and Laser Lipo for maximum results. Treatment is available for the body and for face/neck. 


Infrared Sauna Blanket


Heats up your body to encourage sweating with a fan blowing cool air across your face for comfort. 

Best when used after the Laser Lipo or Ultrasound therapies to aid the lymphatic system to excrete the emulsified fat cells from the body for maximum results.

Benefits include:

Generates an anti-inflammatory benefit

Helps to eliminate toxins from the body. 

Improves blood circulation

Promotes cell repair

Encourages relaxation

Improves metabolism (burns 300-600 calories)

Can be used individually or as part of a treatment package to maximize results.


LED Light Therapy for face/neck

Six colors of light with unique healing properties. 

RED - Energizing. Improves blood flow, stimulates the production of energy within body cells, decreases inflammation and gives the skin a much younger look and feel. 

BLUE - Antibacterial. Helps in the prevention of acne, relieves active break outs & reduces the appearance of age lines and wrinkles. 

ORANGE - Helps to revitalize the skin. It has been shown to bring vitality to dull and lifeless complexions. 

YELLOW - For sensitive skin. Enhances immunity, promotes lymphatic drainage, improves hyperpigmentation & rosacea, reduces redness, inflammation and swelling. 

GREEN - Calming. Helps in the reduction of melasma & discoloration issues in general. Repairs damaged skin & minimizes sun spots. 

PURPLE - Cellular regeneration. Relieves muscular pain & improves skin color.

LED Light Therapy can be used up to three times per week and can be selected as an add on service while having any other spa treatment. 


LED Light Therapy with Microcurrent for face/neck

In addition to the light therapy we add Microcurrent therapy to aid in tightening the muscles of the face and neck to generate a lifting and toning effect. 

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